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Touch of Keratin


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Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin is botanically blended, Keratin and Collegan infused, At Home Keratin Treatment that is as easy as: Spray On, Blow Dry, & Flat Iron! this product is designed to reduce texture up to 25% and eliminate frizz up to 50%. Convenient for travel, special occasions or for a quick touch up, Touch of Keratin is simple to use. Unique formulation acts as a Keratin Filler and helps restore hair's natural Keratin without removing volume. When used with the Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin At Home Maintenance System, depending on the length and density of your hair, as well as how often you shampoo, smooth results can last up to 30 days! Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin leave hair frizz free and reduce texture for approximately 14 days. Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin can be cured with less heat, requiring as little as 400 degrees and can be shampooed within 24 hours.Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin is a blend of the highest quality Keratin and Collagen, both natural conditioners.

Simply Smooth Treatments do not have added formaldehyde, but do contain preservatives that release formaldehyde. The amount of releasers added meets the CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) recommended limits. Spend more time smoothing and less time worrying.


Simply Smooth is hair care that really does care! We have created a line of high performance, salon quality hair care products, designed to repair and replenish dry, damaged and keratin depleted hair! Through different combinations of ingredients, such as keratin, collagen & other natural, nourishing botanicals, we have created a system that will not only extend the reparative process in your hair, but it will also hydrate, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair, as well. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage! 


It's not complicated... It's Simply Smooth!


Results may vary