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Cleanse & Calm Duo Holiday Exclusive

by Pure NV

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Pure NV Balancing Shampoo is an NV Complex enriched, botanically blended, Argan Oil, Keratin, and Collagen infused shampoo, formulated from natural vitamins and minerals and designed to balance moisture levels, smooth hair, build body, improve luster and restore depleted keratin. Pure NV Balancing Shampoo's unique lavender aroma is an elegant variation to a traditionally earthy scent. Lavender oil in this shampoo moisturizes your hair and imparts brilliant shine while producing a silky smooth finish. 


Pure NV Versatility is an NV Complex enriched, botanically blended, Argan Oil and Keratin infused weightless, non-flaking, smoothing or curling potion, formulated from natural vitamins and minerals and designed to enhance curls without stiffness, control texture, add shine, smooth, and protect hair from thermal abuse. This amazing formula will also accelerate blow dry time, and prevent fly-aways while entertaining a light, but memorable aromatic scent of apricot-raspberry. Unique ingredients such as jojoba seed oil helps the hair retain moisture, prevent dandruff and promote growth. 


Pure NV Versatility,  Pure NV Balancing & All Pure Nature's Vitamins Products contain the NV complex, a complex formulation of nutrients obtained from the purest fruits, vegetables and plants, that address specific needs in the texture of hair. By infusing this complex with rare Argan Oil, Pomegranate, Eggplant, and the purest Keratin and Collagen, we have created a system that will hydrate, repair, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage.


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