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Humidity Defense Hair Spray Non-Aerosol

par Pure NV

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Pure NV Humidity Defense Hair Spray Non-Aerosol is an NV Complex enriched, botanically blended, Argan Oil and Keratin infused lightweight, non-flaking hair spray, formulated from natural vitamins and minerals and designed with a flexible hold for damp or dry hair styling. Pure NV Humidity Defense is designed to resist humidity, repel moisture, & leave your hair touchable. It's light-weight, non-flaking formula is very unique in comparison to conventional hair sprays because you control how much hold you wish to have. Conventional hair sprays use either short fibers in a mesh pattern to create a light hold or long fibers in a mesh pattern to create a firm hold. We have created our hairspray with short oval shaped fibers, that overlap when sprayed onto the hair. This makes for a customizable hold! You could spray it on sparingly for a light hold, or more heavily for a firm hold. Our unique fibers leave little room between them, keeping the humidity completely out of the hair!


Pure NV Humidity Defense Hair Spray Non-Aerosol, & All Pure Nature's Vitamins Products contain the NV complex, a complex formulation of nutrients obtained from the purest fruits, vegetables and plants, that address specific needs in the texture of hair. By infusing this complex with rare Argan Oil, Pomegranate, Eggplant, and the purest Keratin and Collagen, we have created a system that will hydrate, repair, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage.


Be envied with Pure NV.