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Keratin Replenishing Conditioner Mini


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Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Replenishing Conditioner is a botanically blended, Keratin and Collagen infused daily conditioner, designed to replenish moisture, provide strength, restore elasticity, enhance shine, control frizz, and extend color and keratin levels in your hair! Its hydrating formula seals hair cuticles, adds incredible shine, promotes smoothness and eases combing. Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Replenishing Conditioner will leave your hair looking and feeling silky, strong, and Simply Smooth!


Simply Smooth is hair care that really does care! We have created a line of high performance, salon quality hair care products, designed to repair and replenish dry, damaged and keratin depleted hair! Through different combinations of ingredients, such as keratin, collagen & other natural, nourishing botanicals, we have created a system that will not only extend the reparative process in your hair, but it will also hydrate, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair, as well. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage! 


It's not complicated... It's Simply Smooth!