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The Cure 450° Para-Magnetic Alloy


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The Cure is a 450° para-magnetic alloy tool for superior smoothing! Pioneered and designed to properly infuse Keratin Treatments deep into the cuticle layers of the hair for both resistant and stressed textures, our sleek design allows unsurpassed heat consistency and keratin curing. The Cure features:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with INSTA-HEAT technology for instant warm-up!
  • Unique Pivot Apparatus provides safe convenient 360° tangle-free swivel capability
  • Dial temperature control prevents accidental shut off, while dual Heat Release Ventilation prevents burn out
  • Pulsating Heat Chamber retains heat while Advanced Micro-Circuit Board regulates temperature with supreme accuracy
  • Contains a specially Designed In-Organic Non-Metallic Heating Element Engineered for Continual Dependability
  • Tapered "kiss" edge design provides a closer cure, while preventing burns when holding
  • 4 1/2 inch plate allows for quicker styling, cutting ironing time in half!
  • Paramagnetic plate is 100% residue resistant!