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Intensive Tone Duo


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Tone & Heal! The Intensive Tone Duo is a two-step treatment designed to brighten, repair and heal hair! This kit includes one Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Toning Shampoo and one Simply Smooth Xtend Color Lock Keratin Replenishing Mask.

 Step 1: Shampoo hair using Xtend Keratin Toning Shampoo, a botanically blended, keratin infused, sodium chloride and sulfate-free brightening and toning shampoo that will brighten and tone all shades of blonde, gray, silver and white hair to eliminate unwanted brassiness.

Step 2: Apply Simply Smooth Xtend Color Lock Keratin Replenishing Mask to hair and leave in for up to 15 minutes. 

This hair mask is a botanically blended, keratin, argan oil and collagen infused, sulfate and sodium chloride free, moisturizing and deep conditioning reparative mask that delivers immediate intense nourishment to replenish, restore and rebuild dehydrated, brittle, coarse, damaged, lifeless and stressed hair back to vibrant health while magnifying and locking in hair color.